Mental Health – it’s importance ( Part 2 )

Hey people! In the previous blog I've discussed what mental health is and how it is affected. If you haven't read my previous blog tap here. We have learnt what is mental health but,  How to be in good mental health? Why is mental health important? In what ways can we heal ourselves?  Motivational and Inspirational quotes… Continue reading Mental Health – it’s importance ( Part 2 )

Mental health – its importance! ( Part 1)

In simple words, well being of mind, knowing how to handle situations and handle things be it good or bad, irrespective of any aspect, is mental health. I've grown up listening to the word 'mental' quite often. I always wonder what it exactly meant? Lately I've come to know, what is mental health defined as,… Continue reading Mental health – its importance! ( Part 1)

Depressed Or Oppressed By Depression!

As what i'm seeing and hearing,most of the youth call themselves depressed.I wonder if they really know the 'meaning of depression!'.Feeling low and feeling depressed are like north and south poles which never meet each other Depression is state of mind where a person becomes hopeless and helpless.Eventually not being able to enjoy their life… Continue reading Depressed Or Oppressed By Depression!